I believe that training is one of the best tools for innovation and competitiveness.

And endeavour is one of the most powerful sources of knowledge.

I graduated in Graphic Design from the Eina School of Art and Design in Barcelona.

I completed my training as a designer at Allgemeine Gewerbeschule Basel.

I have participated in numerous IESE programmes, in which I learned how to manage, lead, negotiate and innovate.

I am currently studying for an International Master’s in Leadership and Organisational Coaching at EADA.

1989 SISON PUJOL. I started my professional career working as a freelancer for Ciba Geigy in Basel.

1992 SISON PUJOL SL. I founded my own graphic design studio in Barcelona. It marked the beginning of a career, in which I have established very close relationships with many small and medium-sized companies in Spain.

2006 NOMON DESIGN. After several years, I turned my attention to business strategy and created a new agency.

2007 FLIGHT TAG. I undertook a new venture and created a brand, whose products are specifically manufactured and marketed with the traveller in mind.

2009 MADRID. I made the decision to open a NOMON DESIGN office in Madrid to provide my clients with a better service.

2010 NOMON STRATEGY. I committed to strengthening the bond between strategy and creativity by forming a new business division and recruiting specialists in marketing and co-creation techniques to the team.

2011 ARTS FINALS. Acquisition of a prepress shop with the aim of gaining greater control from design to final production.

2012 AUNA GROUP. I joined the group as a specialist in strategic marketing for the retail sector.