“When I grow up, I want to be an SME”

“This was my answer to the typical question that grown-ups ask you when you’re a child. Of course, I had no idea about what being an SME was.”

I was born in Camprodón in 1961.

My grandfather was a baker, and my father started a small family business that manufactured biscuits. The parents of other children were doctors, carpenters, painters and teachers. They had a farm or a shop, mine had an SME.

I understand what an SME is and, because of this, I feel comfortable dealing with them.

The paradox is that small businesses can be equally or more interesting than multinationals. You discuss the brief with them in detail, you take risks and make them part of the process, and you also have greater freedom of action. Also, in Spain, there are many more SMEs than large companies.

In a way, my career has not ventured too far from the family business: my speciality is cooking up projects, in which the ingredients are creativity, strategy and innovation.